RIDE rather than resist the WAVES
Teacher YOGA 4:15pm
Donation Class inside UTPS

Tuesdays:  New Yoga 8:15am Bishop McHugh & Corporate Yoga 5:30pm Press of AC


POWER Yoga 9:00am at CK Pilates Studio

NIGHT Yoga 7:00pm-8:15pm inside SIC Community Lodge 

Thursdays:  Closed

Fridays:  Flow YOGA 7:30am-8:45am inside Sea Isle Community Lodge
*Class Cancelled APRIL 8th

Saturday & Sundays:
Private Sessions are available.

Private Sessions Anytime:
Yoga to YOU! Private Sessions available everyday at the location of your choice. Looking to throw a Yoga Party, a class designed for your group & relaxation with your friends? Corporate Yoga at your workplace too, Click here to find out how how!

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