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Yoga as Medicine

My son, William suffers from Crohn’s  Disease.  As a result of his illness, he had to be hospitalized for several weeks and had to miss the end of his freshman year of college.  Upon his release from the hospital, the GI doctor recommended he try yoga as a way to manage not only his stress but his painful symptoms.  Luckily, my good friend, LoAnn, recommended Teri from njBeach Yoga. 

William is 19 years old and had never done yoga before.  He was apprehensive and thought it was something “for girls”.  All that changed after his first session with Teri.  He could not stop telling everyone how wonderful yoga is, what an amazing teacher Teri is and how relaxed he felt afterward.  Each session of Restorative Yoga with Teri was just that-he was refreshed, restored and learning tools to help him combat his stomach pain.  Working with Teri over the course of the summer gave him the calm and confidence he needed to face returning to college. 

Thanks in no small part to yoga sessions with Teri, William was able to start school again this fall.  He brought his yoga mat with him to his new apartment but tucked it out of sight under his bed.    During his first evening with his new room mate, they were discussing how they manage stress in their lives.  Will explained how yoga had helped him and the new room mate told him that he had stashed a yoga mat under his bed too! Yoga provided a great bond for a new friendship.

Teri and njBeach Yoga has been a true blessing for my son and has given his worried Mom the piece of mind she needed to let her son leave home for college.  Thank you Teri!!

Private Yoga Party

“Thanks again for bringing us such a fun and genuine yoga experience- right to our living room. There couldn’t have been a better activity for us for our Bachelorette Weekend- Not only did we loooooove the hip opening exercises- but all the girls said they felt rejuvenated: You brought the right balance of challenge and relaxation to the class.

At least 3 of us have recommitted ourselves to regular yoga since then! So, many thanks.. and we’ll definitely recommend you to friends and guests visiting the shore house. Attached are a few pictures.”

Onward and up with enthusiasm,

HAPPY CLASS Experiences

Hi Teri,,,,, I overheard a comment yesterday that went like this…..  “if you are breathing, then you can do yoga”. … and i thought to myself, no, if you are breathing you ARE doing yoga.. i have you to thank for that… i carry my beach yoga bag, (it is a thoughtful reminder of a wonderful summer of unforgettable beach yoga classes), and my shells remind me to stay present and enjoy….. slowly, by slowly i am practicing principals of yoga as i engage and enjoy my day… it has been a beautiful autumn here in pa…… i send warm wishes for continued joy on the beach or off, in all of your activities and interactions through all of the seasons… i hold such pleasant memories of sea isle summer 2010, and your smiling face and dynamic instruction have made all the difference…. see you in the  summer—– if not before!!! 🙂     in love & peace,,, Janice


Teri, I ran over from Seaville to Yoga and my mom met me there for class too. We had an AWESOME experience and we have now made a date for every Friday morning. Thank you for such a wonderful experience today. I really enjoyed myself and so did my mom. I carried my shell around with me all day!  I know this is going to sound kooky , but I just felt so calm and peaceful today and I truly believe that it was from your yoga class. So, THANK YOU very much!Heather


Athlete’s Appreciation:

Hi Teri, I was in your class on 63rd St in Sea Isle on Saturday. You may remember me as the one you called the “overachiever” of the group…ha!

I really enjoyed your class. The thing I appreciated the most about your class was that it combined breathing, balance (both external and internal), strength, and a keen awareness of “listening” to your body. As a high level athlete whose body has been an “instrument” and as someone who invests in learning about nutrition and meditates for 20-40 minutes a day, during your brief session I was filled with an awareness of just how little I really know about my “whole” body and how it feels to work in complete harmony.

Thanks for your help! Again, I have done yoga myself and with our team before, but I really enjoyed your session on Saturday. Namaste, Michele Canning