Hello from my Website!

By | June 9, 2016


Thank you for coming to visit my website which like all of us is a work in progress. Websites need updates, they experience times of being down and times of popping up in all of the right places, they can be cluttered and are often in need of fresh content, they require effort and they also sometimes just need to be shut down.

Same goes for our yoga practices, in order to grow we need to mix it up and refresh our content, delete what’s not working any more and always leave some space to grow. As I get ready to turn off my computer after updating this summer’s calendar I’m reminded of how different the tech / social media world is now from when I first began teaching yoga 10 years ago. For me that means allowing my teaching and personal yoga practice to balance out what I do off the mat with what I do while on the mat.

This summer you will find more shoulder openers and movement in our warm-ups that are designed to delete the “text Neck” and technology tensions we carry in our bodies. Beach Yoga is great for UN-DOING, one of my favorite parts of yoga. What can you UNDO this Summer?

Imagine how free you will breathe, feel and flow once space is created. I hope to get spacey with you this summer 🙂

Namaste, Teri

Savor Awesome Moments

By | July 23, 2015

Good Morning from my Mac,

I teach people how to let go of labels that limit their possibilities yet I almost began this blog post by saying “I’m not good on the computer”. Technology is wonderful when it helps me connect to people, but it’s also a huge time sucker. Did you ever get lost in digital distractions only to see the clock and wonder where did those 2 hours go???

I’m going to bring back setting the timer – for myself. I used a timer when my kids were young and playing on the computer, the oven timer was set and when it went off so did their computer time, then they had to go outside and play. I think all adults need to go outside and play everyday, why do we stop that as we get older?

One of the reasons I feel so excited to share Beach Yoga is because we are playing outside where we never know what nature has in store for us. The spaciousness removes stress, the sensory awareness of feeling sand, breezes and sunshine wakes up our aliveness. Even a cloudy windy day outside creates an awareness of nature that connects us to something bigger than ourselves. Some of the most peaceful classes have been under a foggy sky.

Below is a photo of the inspirational shells I created last year after the passing of Sam, a beach yoga legend who began yoga at 79 and continued until he passed at 84. Sam played outside, he Savored Awesome Moments and when I saw this shell photo while trying to update my website I realized it was time to commit to just that.

Have a beautiful day, take time to SAM and I’ll see you in the sand.

Smiles, Teri


Coming soon!

By | April 16, 2014

Check back to this section for news, events and fundraising information!

Need a new Mantra?

By | November 3, 2012

Mantra – mind tool.

Simply put I think a mantra is a saying or word that you use/repeat when you need to calm your mind. What that mantra is may need to shift as you face different challenges or you may find it easier to have one that just brings you back like “serenity now”, “breath in-breath out”, “it is what it is” or RELAX.

As we heal from the devastation around us after the storm let’s share mantras that help. “It’s just stuff” is mine right now. When your breathing gets shallow or you are feeling overwhemed say them in your head, shout it loud or chant it repeatedly. Whatever works for you – or all 3!

Yoga gives us a variety of tools to use so think of class as going to your OM Improvement Store, and my wish is that your tools help you smile through the repairs. Thanks for reading, now please relax your shoulders and exhale 🙂

Peace, Love, Joy & Gratitude, Teri

TEAM Yoga ~ Celebrating 6 years of Yoga with the OC Cross Country Boys

By | September 13, 2012


Everyone says “Where did the time go” more and more as you get older. Hopefully it’s true that time flies when you are having fun, at least I hope everyone who has said it to me in the past week was enjoying the ride!

     This year marks my 6th year sharing Yoga with the Boys Cross Country Team at Ocean City High School. It began with an article in Runner’s World that inspired Coach Bill Moreland (the guru of distance runners) to call and ask me if I’d come show the guys a few moves to help them out. I was very impressed someone who has given over 30 years of his life to coaching runners was so open to modernizing the training for his team. OPEN TO CHANGE ~

     What began as a session or 2 turned out to be a weekly part of the team training and continued into the Spring Track Season where Coach Matt Purdue had read the research supporting success of yoga programs at the college level for many sports teams and asked that the weekly sessions to continue. I am honored to share time with such a fantastic coaching staff. These coaches give, give more and teach lessons that last a lifetime.

     The first 4 years my son Jimmy was on the Team and it was a gift to be able to be a part of his high school athletics on the “inside track”. Yup- a nice perk was getting to be up close during track events, ride the bus (yes that was actually fun) and learn as he learned more about the sport. Many people assumed I’d stop when he graduated but NO WAY! I love the time I have with them and continue to be inspired by them.

     “Listen to your body so it won’t scream.” “The knees are made out of glass.” “Free your Pelvis”, my top 3 quotes according to a few yoga alumni. Thank you OC Cross Country, Track & Field for inspiring me on my teaching journey. I look forward to lots more fun this year.

Namaste and GO OC!