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Group Classes in Sea Isle and Zoom from Anywhere!

Register & Pay Online for Beach Yoga:

Reserve your spot for Group Yoga Classes by clicking the link below. You will receive a confirmation email when you register. 


  • GROUP In-Person Classes: $14/Class. 

  • Yoga to You in Person: $75/Session includes an hour class tailored to you or a group under 9. Groups 10 and above have an added fee.

  • Private Zoom Sessions: email for more information.

Current Class Schedule:

Beach Yoga 7:30 am on JFK Beach


Night Yoga 6 pm on 5th Street Beach 
(moves inside the SIC Lodge in October)

Beach Yoga 7:30 am on JFK Beach

Beach Yoga 7:30 am on JFK Beach
Beach Yoga 8:00 am on 5th Street Beach


Private Sessions Available:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday


Full Moon Yoga & Special Events listed in Calendar

What Style of Yoga?

Lots of people ask me what style of yoga I teach, there are more flavors of yoga than ice cream these days! I’ve shifted my style since my first yoga teacher training in 2004 and continue to evolve as I gather inspiration from other teachers, trainings and the latest in research-supported science. In 2021 I completed my Master Level Reiki Training and that brings an energy balancing wave to everything I offer now :) My priority is to teach to who is there at any given class so both those new to yoga and experienced Yogis will find a place to feel challenged and relaxed with options to fit you in your breathing body. 

I teach the kind of yoga that puts your mind on vacation while you breathe, feel, laugh, and flow in a supportive space of unconditional acceptance. Life can be pretty serious off the mat so let your mat be your space to play and relax. Living through 2020 has challenged all of our nervous systems, each class includes updated tools to recalibrate to relaxation. 

Indoor Group Yoga:

Night Yoga Classes are softer, meditative flow and gentle background music to help restore and relax, meditation melts you here.

Morning Flow Yoga wakes up your energy with mindful breath based vinyasa, balance & strength followed by guided meditation & relaxation. 

Beach Yoga:

Our Studio in the Sand allows you to connect with the beauty, sounds, and scent of the Ocean as you flow under the warmth of the sun. Bring a towel or mat, water, and sunglasses. 

Beachy Blend

A blended breath-based flow anchored in safe alignment and ending with a meditation vacation. High Tide dynamic warm-ups, sun salutations, and strong standing balance poses make up the first half of class. The 2nd half of class Low Tide flows with slow deep stretches, core power, pranayama, meditation, and sweet savasana. 

Private Yoga Sessions to You

Private Personal Yoga & Life training to meet you where you are at and enjoy the one-on-one attention to what you would like to focus on.

Small Group Yoga is great for bachelorette parties, friends gathering, family vacations, yoga at the workplace and more!