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Rei means universal life and Ki means energy, it’s the life energy that flows through all living things. NJ Beach Reiki is here to support you in balancing your energetic tides. 


Reiki is a simple Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that helps to restore the body’s natural ability to heal. Reiki is used to treat energetic, physical, and emotional imbalances to promote healing, balance, relaxation, and good health. There are two ways to experience Reiki, in person or distance sessions. 

First Time Client: 75-90 Minute Session, $90

The session begins with a review of your current health history, stress levels, any place you feel stuck, and goals for the session. Following the introduction to how our session will flow, you’ll relax on a comfortable massage table fully clothed with shoes off. We begin with a guided meditation to help you sink into the moment and connect.

A session can be hands-on with light touch or hands hovering over the body balancing the chakras. Gentle music plays as you slip into calm. After your session we share findings and you’ll leave with a personal plan to keep the energy smiling. Option to do oracle card reading. 

Reiki Tune-Ups: 60 Minute Session, $75

Reiki on the beach or in your Home: additional fee, call 609-602-3398 for more information.

Group and Private Meditation & Reiki Soul Circles:

A gathering of 1-7 Souls sharing a circle while seated in beach chairs (summers in the sand, off season in the Lodge monthly or your location). During these circles we incorporate 2 styles of meditation, each person receives a crystal to support their intention, optional oracle card readings, individual reiki shared with each person, a time to journal, share and special closing ceremony. 


Available by phone, the energy reaches your frequency just like a cell phone dials into your number. You may combine a guided meditation session with the distance Reiki which is very nice!  

"Bayada Hospice values the Reiki services provided by our Reiki Masters!

Teri has provided an incredible service for our patients to look forward to and experience. The visits within our Hospice Patients homes have been a journey of peace, relaxation, and comfort.  


One of the patients Teri visits with on a weekly basis has a family of different dynamics around her.  I witnessed the tension, anxiety and stress that was so evident the first time Teri was there. Within 15 minutes of Teri explaining the visit and what her Reiki session was going to be about, the family clearly felt comfortable and open to what Reiki could offer their loved one. 


 This patient is terminal and had requested Reiki for pain relief. When asked about her Reiki sessions with Teri she said 'I enjoy her and she relaxes me, I feel my worries go away.  She is so nice, we are now friends, her mood fits my mood.'


One of our nurses that was at the home of that patient and met Teri while he was there. He saw her share Reiki and says he wants Reiki services now! When asked about how he felt it was benefitting his patient, he stated  'I was really impressed by her professionalism and her calming demeanor, she went above and beyond, identified what the patients interests were, specifically whether it was the beach and being in the sand. Teri literally brought sand, ocean sounds music and seashells to recreate  that experience during the Reiki session, I give her a 10 out of 10!'


Our Social Worker has stated several times that 'Reiki has done wonders for our patients!' She absolutely LOVES that our Hospice patients can get this fantastic service, it is amazing!”  

- Heather F

"I went to my first Reiki session with Teri in need of both some physical and emotional healing. Stress, lack of sleep and chronic pain were making it difficult to relax and maintain a positive outlook. I remember feeling very light and as if a load was being lifted from me during the session, and then even better afterward: relaxed, renewed, and with some relief from my chronic pain. I felt like I had positive, healing energy flowing through me. I can't wait to go back for another session! Teri is the most positive and intuitive person I know, and she instantly makes you feel at ease."

-Melissa C

"I have done Reiki a number of times over the years. My experience with Teri was a feeling of complete relaxation and zen. It canceled the "noise" around me. I'm looking forward to doing it again."


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